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Patrick Runte - "Jump 'N' Run" Photograph Series | Real Life Re-enactment of Iconic Video Games

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A series of images by Hamburg-based photographer Patrick Runte answers one of the major mysteries of the modern world: What does Pac-Man look like from the front? The title of the collection -- "Jump 'n' Run" -- speaks to the rudimentary appearance of early video games, where the gaming environments were far removed from any semblance of reality. Consequently, it's fascinating to see the trappings of the game in a real-world environment: Pac-Man maneuvering around a hedge maze, gobbling airborne pellets while evading ghosts, or individual Tetris block segments looking to assemble. Check out the rest of the images below, which depict the worlds of Pong, Space Invaders, Ballerbug and Pinball. via: PSFK