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"Yayoi Kusama" Book | By Rizzoli

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Its hard to truly capture the work of Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, who is commonly known as "the lady with the polka dots," thanks to her large-scale polka dot art across a range of media, but Rizzoli's book, Kusama, is the most comprehensive attempt yet. Kusama, who is known for loving polka dots so much that she is seen always wearing them, is also the highest selling female artist in the world and her artistic genius graces walls, galleries, and studios around the world. The book was created in close collaboration with Kusama and works to cover the breadth and impact that her career has had on the world, including sketches, sculptures, exhibits, and displays that have both raised her standing in the community and some that have never been seen before. The release of the book, which will be in stores and at Rizzoli's online store, launches in line with Kusama's latest world-wide tour, which begins in New York's Whitney Museum this summer, and the release of her line produced with Louis Vuitton.