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Nitraid - Dope Forest Mesh Tote Bag

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Nitraid's product line and the colorways they choose to outfit them with is a major part of what makes this Tokyo-based brand one of the most famous in the streetwear game. One of their most common design choices includes a not-so-subtle nod toward the sticky green, that we have seen most recently in their Skateboard Deck, Polo Shirt, and Budskull Tee. Not satisfied to end the seasonal tribute there, Nitraid expands on the Bag Collection we previewed in early April with the addition of the Mesh Tote Bag, which comes in lightweight forest green mesh with strong black canvas straps. The white inner liner is offset by a smaller Dope Forest zippered pocket, which complements the look of the bag. This bag is available now at Nitraid's online store and other select retailers.