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Steve Jobs Dreamt of iCar Concept

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The late Apple co-founder and consummate visionary, Steve Jobs, who helped to bring to life iconic gadgets like iPhones, iPods, and Mac computer didn't want to stop there - he also dreamed of grabbing a slice of the car industry. An Apple board member, J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler, revealed that he talked to Jobs about his desire to add a car to the company's line-up at a recent interview during the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored expo held in New York. And while Jobs never actually got around to designing his vision of an Apple automobile, Drexler predicted that if he had, it would've dominated the industry much like his other hand-held products. But this wasn't the first time that Jobs fanastized about what the Apple brand could be outside of the consumer electronics market; he re-imagined yachts, staircases, and even medical equipment, according to Drexler. Jobs even used his time undergoing medical treatment to design all sorts of things for Apple to build from his hospital room.

Since Jobs never penned his idea for a car, designers are left to envision what an Apple-branded car would be like, including 22-year old student Liviu Tudoran, whose three-seater iMove plug-in electric concept car packs in loads of Apple-inspired gadgets. A "photocromic" exterior allows the driver to change its color, a touch-screen display covering the entire dashboard charged by a solar front windshield, and a convertible roof that leaves the car shaped like a Mac mouse. While its no iCar, its still amazing to think about what could have been -- or what is still to come. via: Fast Company

Concept Rendering by Liviu Tudoran

Concept Rendering by Liviu Tudoran