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DeLorean Bicycle

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For all the DeLorean fans excited about the return of the original time-travelling vehicle, but not equally so about its estimated $90,000 sticker price can at least own a piece of the future of the DeLorean Motor Company with the DeLorean Bicycle. Stephen Wynne, the president of the new Texas-based version of the DMC teamed up with Marc Moore, a bicycle maker, to build a two-wheel version that shares its four-wheeled kin's stainless steel body, which is also the new cool for cyclists. Its stainless steel body will be a new experience for riders who are used to a more smooth ride, but its stiff body does allow full pedal power to hit the wheels and the threat of corrosion to be almost none existent. While many future owners will be gravitating to the DeLorean name alone, the bicycle, whose first model is labeled as the "Anyday," features a belt drive,  disc brakes, an integrated 11-speed internally geared hub, and illuminescent-coated wheels that shine at night. All that, of course, comes with an equally impressive price tag: $5,500.