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Lynx - World's First Invisible Advertising | Video

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Usually the goal of any advertising campaign is to make your ad as visible as possible to make sure lots and lots of people see it, but for the launch of Lynx's Anarchy for Him and Her deodorant brands in Australia, they chose to truly go against the grain. In what is now the world's first invisible ad installation, Lynx (known as AXE in other countries) uses special LCD screens that can only be seen with a pair of special polarized lenses, which the brand passed out to passers-by, making it virtually invisible to those not in the know. As you donned the lens and walked by an abandoned house in Sydney, viewers quickly noticed that the windows of the home were turned into a huge, steamy advertisement featuring couples lip-locked (among other things) and even dogs swimming in a room full of water. The campaign was created by the intelligent minds over at Soap Creative and can be seen in a sample after the jump. via: psfk