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Prometheus - Weyland Industries RT01 Group Transport

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Future interplanetary travelers, meet the vehicle of your dreams, the Weyland Industries RT01 Group Transport. One of the newest Hostile Terrain Transport designed by Weyland Industries, the RT01 Group Transport is also the intergalactic conglomerate best seller. Its shape-memory alloy wheel system and split axle suspension ensure sure-footing on all terrains. Wears and tears would be minimal too thanks to the nano-reinforced hard composite treads on each of the 8 wheels, capable of enduring temperature up to 2000°F. Its titanium-alloy coated armor exterior, reinforced touchscreen blast shield, and ultra bright bio-LEDS lights help to protect occupants, and though quite large in appearance, the RT01 Group Transport is quite nimble on its "feet". That is because of its powerplant, a ceramic gas turbine capable of generating .4 million pounds of thrust. It also gives it a virtually limitless carrying capacity. With a wheelbase of 18.7 feet in length, the RT01 Group Transport can ferry 20 people along with space suits, gears, and scientific equipments. See RT01 Group Transport in action when Prometheus comes on the big screen on June 8th.