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MISSONI HOME – Furniture Collection

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MISSONI  Home‘s latest furniture and interior collection, “The Americas,” debuted at the New York Design Week in time for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. MISSONI’s home line was first added to the company in 1983, broadening the brand’s vibrant and creative spirit from just their core fashion arm and it has quickly caught the attention of both new and old MISSONI fans. In stark contrast to traditional furniture design, MISSONI begins with the selection of fabrics and colors before moving on to the shape and personality of the piece. This approach results in a collection that ties together nature with the graphic, geometric patterns for which MISSONI is well-known. Built to have a handcrafted look, these pieces can be used to rejuvenate an entire room or individually to add a hit of color to room in need of something unique. Click after the jump to see the rest of the collection. 

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