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Nike SB - "Taiwan Trip" | Video

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"F@UCK!!! F@UCK!!! F@UCK!!!..." Its never a good sign in a video when the subject is screaming bloody murder at the start. Though despite the initial anguish and frustration, the latest trip by Nike SB to the island nation of Taiwan turned out to be quite auspicious. By videographers Dan Magee and Anthony Claravall and featuring Nike Skateboarding's young guns - Justin Brock, Youness Amrani and Wieger Van Wageningen, along with their European counterparts Marek Zaprazny and Daniel Lebron, the Wild Bunch navigated through the various shopping strips, parks, sidewalks, and some locals in and out of Taipei City, the country's largest. But what had them so worked up about at the beginning? See the video in its entirety to find out.