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Gucci - Biodegradable Liquid Wood Sunglasses

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Sustainable sunglasses are the new black. There's Shwood's line of wooden sunglass frames crafted in the brand's Portland woodshop, as well as Brisbane's Holloway Eyewear, who are famous for their shades made from the wood of recycled skate decks. Joining the fray is luxury fashion house Gucci, whose commitment to the environment takes the form of a biodegradable material known as liquid wood, a composite of bio-based substances including wood fiber from sustainably managed forests, plus lignin extracted from the manufacturing process of both paper and candle wax. Liquid wood is used in the brand's prototype sunglasses, featuring a semi-matte black frame reminiscent of the stems of bamboo plants. Additional details include recycled metal hardware and mineral glass lenses. In addition to the eco-friendly packing that it's used since 2010, Gucci also introduced bio-plastic eyewear in 2011, made from acetate with a higher percentage of organic materials. Two examples of those 2011 models can be seen below. via: DesignBoom