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Nike Air Yeezy 2 | France Release Info

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Speculative at first, now comes the first trickle of official words on the launch of Nike Air Yeezy 2. Already seen on the feet of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and other celebrities, Michael Dupouy of La MJC fame unveiled his very own pair this morning along with a brief statement -

"Just got my Air Yeezy 2. Both colors will be released soon at Nike Stadium Paris. Stay tuned for more info. #nike #yeezy2 #yeezy #kanyewest #stadium #stadiumparis"

Not long after, Nike Stadium Paris made the info official with a follow-up tweet -

"Air Yeezy 2. Coming soon at Nike Stadium Paris. Both colors. Stay tuned for more info"

So far, no official release date is given though it is expected to be sometime during the month of June. Till then, stay tuned for more information to come...

Nike Stadium Paris
9, rue Auguste Barbier | Map
75011 Paris France