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VANS OTW Stovepipe - Fall 2012

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Only a day into the official start of Summer 2012 and already VANS OTW is set to release its Fall 2012 Collection. Shipments en route to all VANS OTW retail locations this Friday will include the return of the VANS OTW Stovepipe in four new uppers and colors. For those who wants a little more discreet in design, there is the wool/leather variant in dark grey and black, or the all-black leather edition, also known as "stealth". Need a subtle brush of colors? The stone washed canvas upper in faded blue will do the trick. Still needs to stand out more? You can check out the one with a deep hue brown. All quipped with vulcanized outsole and hidden lacing, the VANS OTW Stovepipe for Fall 2012 is set to be available this coming Friday, June 1st, at select VANS OTW retailers and online stores.

Release Date: June 1st, 2012 (Friday)