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Brooks Brothers - How To Be A Gentleman + How To Raise A Gentleman Book


A part of a lighthearted, but indispensable collection personalized exclusively for Brooks Brothers, the "How To Raise A Gentleman" and "How To Be A Gentleman" books feature sound advice on how to navigate some of life's most delicate scenarios and tips to help you teach your son to do the same. Bound in a beautiful navy leather hard cover with gold-tone edge leaves and font and the Brooks Brothers script, both volumes should be kept close-at-hand to be a quick reference when a matter of correct etiquette is expected - from going on a first date to handling yourself at a wedding. Think of it as a handy, non-judgmental friend quietly there to lend you the timely advice you need. Both are at the MR PORTER online shop and make a perfect companion to the Dapper Gentleman Grooming Kit as a gift for yourself or a friend.