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Microsoft’s Vienna Headquarters | By INNOCAD Architektur


Last year, INNOCAD won the commission to design Microsoft’s new headquarters in Vienna after a widely-sought after architecture competition, held on on the basis of the WPA concept. While the final design may be hard to stitch together as being from the same office with so many different types of materials, colors, and patterns present in each individual workspace, that’s because INNOCAD sought to instead “intertwine and harmonize physical, virtual, and social working environments” in a way no one has before. Complete with a cozy, wooden-walled conference room and a small piazza complete with a slide, this three-story building is pumping out inspirational vibes from every square foot. No matter how you look at it, we may be witnessing a new way to think about collaboration, formality, and creativity that will undoubtably trickle down into future product designs and perhaps even begin to change the way we think about the everyday trip to the office.via: Contemporist