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Halo 4 - Official Trailer 1 | Video

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Kicking off the Microsoft Xbox conference at the E3 2012 video game trade show was the trailer for Halo 4. The latest installment of the hugely popular gaming franchise continues the exploits of Master Chief, who will face a brand new enemy on a mysterious world where the UNSC Infinity has crash landed. The live-action trailer shows the crew of the sprawling vessel attacked by a mysterious enemy, while an accompanying game play teaser gives us a glimpse into the challenges that face Master Chief in a strange and hostile environment. Covenant figures make a return, along with new creatures that Cortana identifies as neither Covenant nor organic. The first Halo game to not be produced by Bungie Microsoft Studios' 343 Industries handles the honors this time -- Halo 4 is scheduled to land at retailers on November 6th. Check out the videos and screenshots below.