The Melty Misfits Trading Cards by Buff Monster


Today we got some more information on Buff Monster and Sidekick Lab's set of The Melty Misfits Trading Cards that are available at their sites beginning today, June 5. The Melty Misfits set will arrive straight to you in a box with 24 packs of cards, with each pack holding 7 of the Garbage Pail Kids-inspired sticker cards. Each of the original paintings used to design the cards was painted on a 5 x 7 canvas using acrylic and airbrush, just like the original GPK line, and is offset printed using custom-mixed inks on custom-made sticker stock that is kiss-cut and wrapped in vintage-style wax paper. The back of each card features puzzles, checklists, or reproductions of the pencil sketches used to create the cards while the box itself contains special inserts such as signed cards, errors, and a poster. Some boxes will even have original sketch cards while one box will have the Golden Ticket that is redeemable for an original painting by Buff Monster himself, which was actually the first painting completed for the this series, but never used on a card. The cards are available beginning today on Buff Monster and The Melty Misfits' homepage.