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Assassin's Creed III - Official Trailer 1 | Video

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First-person shooters like the upcoming Halo 4 and the ever-present Call of Duty draw upon some of the most technologically advanced gear and weapons ever imagined, but after seeing the first Official Trailer for this fall's Assassin's Creed III launched alongside this year's E3, you'll soon find yourself wringing your hands for a chance to lay into some red coats with a hatchet, The Patriot style. Set during the American Revolution, this trailer has just as much action as the first two, with the star Assassion, Ratonake':ton (of Native American and English descent), racing through the snowy woodland before smashing his way through the British lines. Joined by a narration harkening back to the plight of his people and showcasing the franchise's first foray into the forest, we have much to be excited for ahead of its October 30th release. Hit the jump to watch the video a couple times before marking your calendar.