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Nike+ FuelBand - "No Regrets: Nigel Sylvester Gumball 3000" | Video

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The Gumball 3000 is a 3,000-mile international road rally hosted each year on public roads around the world, led each year by Maximillion Cooper since 1999. Unlike traditional rally races, this, well, isn't a race at all -- there are no prizes for being first or official timekeepers along the way. Instead, organizers emphasize the sense of adventure inherently built within the event as enough fuel to drive the 120 annual participants to complete the trip.

In late January, NIKE+ launched FuelBand recognizing, just as the organizers behind the Gumball 3000 do, that life isn't just about the goal, the journey itself is equally important. In your daily life, you face opportunities, you overcome challenges, and you push yourself to grow and do your best until you reach your goal. Then you do it again. Your life is, essentially, a sport that can be recorded using the FuelBand system. Perhaps the best representation of this idea was immersing Nike Athlete and professional BMX-rider Nigel Sylvester into this year's 3000-mile race across North America, documenting his thoughts, stats, and emotions throughout the trip. Nike captured the entire journey, but, for now, is only offering a teaser of the video. Its full of Nigel being -- well, himself -- and dozens of exotic and powerful sportscars doing what they do best. What else do you need?