Google - Street View Trekker | Video


It looks likes Google's Street View will soon be expanding off the beaten track with their brand new tool, the Street View Trekker. Much like the project sponsored by Nature Valley, the device is worn on a person's back to map and photograph areas that Google's current line-up of cars and planes couldn't reach quite the same way. Of course, the 40-pound pack is Android-powered and its 15 five-megapixel cameras are powered by two batteries that Google claims can last a full day. Samples of what the final results of the project could look like haven't been released yet, but Google plans to trek through National Parks, castles, ruins, and even ski slopes to open up some of the nature's prettiest spaces to viewers around the world. Google said only a handful of the backpacks have been made so far, but  this is definitely a step forward in Google goal to create an interactive map of the world.