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MINI Countryman - "Steampunk Custom" | By Carlex Design

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Incorporating elements of science fiction and fantasy with a the feel of a by-gone Victorian or Wild West era, the Steampunk genre influences fashion, literature, film, and - thanks to Poland's Carlex Design - MINI Countryman design. Specializing in customizing cars to a degree well beyond the typical shop, Carlex has truly built a one-of-a-kind Steampunk Custom. With a flat grey paint job contrasted with copper accents on the wheels, fender trim, door handles, and roof and an interior straight out of Will Smith's Wild Wild West, Carlex seems to have snatched this Countryman straight from an alternate reality. On the inside, Carlex has left nothing untouched, deciding to convert the MINI's interior to a classic brown leather mixed with wood finishes, and copper plating on the accessories with steam-driven parts integrated straight into the steering wheel and seats. Unfortunately other than these shots, no other details on known about this reworked machine, but you can probably safely assume it will be hard to get your hands on. via: autoblog