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Nike Shoe Boxxxx - Facebook App

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Stacks and stacks of shoe boxes may be common for sneakerheads, but not everyone can convince their roommate to give up that shared closet or handle the hit to their wallet needed to build a respectable collection. Fortunately, Nike has a virtual solution with their new Nike Shoe Boxxxx Facebook App, built for sneakerheads and newbies alike to learn more about their favorite models, customize their own silhouettes, trade with kindred spirits around the world, and share their love of sneakers with their friends. Everyone user starts with three pairs of shoes and, through trades, Facebook shares and "Likes," and other online moves, works their way toward their own ideal online footwear collection. All together, its a creative way to expand the brand and give everyone a taste of what its like to be a real life sneakerhead. Check it out here.