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Boneshaker Magazine - Bicycle Culture Magazine

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Boneshaker Magazine has been around for a few years and its always been a bit different than the typical publication you're accustomed to seeing. A mixture of bike, touring, on- and off-road, thoughts and illustrations, and photos about everything in between, Boneshaker is about 60 pages of content with absolutely no ads. It is a cover-to-cover look into bicycle culture with a touch of history and art and a few things that defy categorization, but all have something to do with bikes somehow. Articles make their way into the magazine from all over the world and seem to find a way to fit just right on the page, even if the font gets really, really small in the process. Boneshaker is a quarterly publication with professionally written articles printed on thick paper with a card cover, effectively completing the classic look. And you get all that for only £5. What'a bargain. Head to their shop now to buy a copy - you won't be disappointed. via: CH