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MINI - "The Britalian Job" | Video

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With less than a month to go, MINI is getting in on all the pre-2012 Olympics Games hype with the help of some of Great Britain's athletes with their latest short film that revisits the classic 1969 movie, "The Italian Job," but with a new look. Staring a range of both former and current stars from the games, including Daley Thompson, James Cracknell, Jonathan Edwards and Matthew Pinsent, the film takes us through a city-wide woman-hunt powered by 3 London 2012 Special Edition Minis in red, white, and blue to find  model Jodie Kidd who just stole all of the games' gold medals. Directed by BBC's Top Gear TV's Phil Churchwood, the video showcases some of the country's top landmarks fully earning the title, "The Britalian Job." You can watch the entire video after the jump. via: carscoop