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Apple iPhone 5 - Realistic Concept Rendered Replica | By Martin Hajek

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Unbelievable! Another Apple engineer "forgot" his iPhone prototype at a bar? Actually not quite. What you see here is actually a physical rendering of what the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 (or iPhone 2012) might look like. After picking apart all the information already leaked about the iPhone 5, including its purported dimensions, Martin Hajek (aka Martin uit Utrecht) put together a truly convincing replica with all the characteristics. He even included the supposed metallic case-back, a new feature reportedly done so by Apple to make the iPhone 5 even thinner. So convincing was Hajek's handiwork that popular gadget/tech blog Gizmodo posted the story as a "leaked prototype" before changing the headline. Any thoughts on Martin Hajek's uncanny Apple iPhone 5 facsimile? via: Gizmodo