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Leica - Ed Templeton: A Professional Skateboarder Turns Artist | Video

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Leica presents a portrait of the artist in his own words. Ed Templeton of Huntington Beach, California, wears various hats -- skateboarder, artist, businessman -- and even as a professional skateboarder from 1990 to 1994, he was interested in photography. He pursued it in earnest once he quit skating professionally, carrying his camera wherever he went. Initially his objective was to document the skating subculture, ultimately realizing he needed to widen his scope because almost everything he saw was worth shooting. Templeton describes his generation of photographers as having grown up with a "snapshot aesthetic," but he realized early on the need for a good camera. He shoots film exclusively and uses a Leica M6. Check out his perspective on life, photography and the creative process in the video below.