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POrtal: Terminal Velocity - What If There Was A Real-Life PORTAL Gun? | Video

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Fans of 2011's popular PORTAL 2 video game by Valve Corporation have no doubt had occasion to wonder, "What would it be like to have a portal gun in real life?" For the uninitiated, the device essentially creates shortcuts through physical space, though Jason Craft's short film demonstrates there are inherent dangers for those who attempt to use the portal gun. Entitled "POrtal: Terminal Velocity," the video depicts a world in which the portal gun actually exists. It went viral just a day after uploading, thanks to the astounding visual effects. Craft explains, "This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection." Shot by Mike Craft and Jason Craft, who also appear as actors along with Adam Rogers, the video is well worth a look, even for those unfamiliar with the game. Check it out below.