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SOL - Hand Braided Camera Strap

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What are the qualities that users look for in a camera strap now days? Gone are the days where the camera strap was only seen as a functional gear to keep the camera from falling onto the ground. In today's sophisticated market place, the humble camera strap is as much of a tool for self-expression as well as an accessory for your camera.

SOL, an acronym for Style of Life, is trying to claim their niche market by offering Hand Braided Camera Straps right out of Santa Monica. It is unashamedly simple, which complements the camera nicely, rather than overpower it. These are made from highly durable 550 paracord, and have been pre-soaked to avoid shrinkage. If you are a MacGyver type, you would be happy to note that this camera strap will quickly unravel into a 20 feet paracord in case of an emergency, good for abseiling down a small building. UNION has a range of colors and sizes available in their store and online shop.

110 South La Brea Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90036
TEL #: 323-549-6950