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VIZIO Thin + Light - Laptop Computer

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Vizio has come out swinging with a new addition to their computer line-up, the Thin + Light Laptop. The Thin + Light models come with either a 14-inch HD LCP panel with 1600 x 900 pixel resolution or a 15-inch HD LCD panel with 1080p resolution within a razor-thin, but durable anodized aluminum unibody construction. This machine is packed with enough battery power to stay up and running all day and is sleek to take anywhere, which is great for people who need access to view HD-quality content on-the-go combined with high-powered SRS Premium Sound HD. Vizio also decided against packing the Thin + Light with a lot of pre-installed "bloatware," instead opting to go with a special V-Key on the F1 button that connects you to their partner experiences, including Netflix, Rhapsody, Hulu, and BackBlaze. This new device is expected to launch at stores in the next few weeks starting at a $898 base price. Check it out in more detail after the jump.