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Nike Be True Pride Pack

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Nike's Be True to Your School campaign from 1985 paid tribute to the nation's top college basketball programs while allowing their athletes and fans to show off their school colors. Be True 2012 celebrates pride in the achievements of the LGBT communities in New York City, San Francisco and Portland, through city-specific footwear releases and an accompanying hat and tee. New York receives the Nike Air Royal pictured here, while San Francisco gets the Air Flytop and Portland the Lunar Flow. The first two styles feature premium materials and rainbow-hued sole unit, while the latter is finished with the color spectrum across each shoe's mesh vamp. Check out the release details for all three styles below.

BE PDX/ Nike Lunar Flow: Available at Nike Portland June,15 2012.

BE NYC / Nike Air Royal: Available at Niketown NYC June 22, 2012.

BE SF / Nike Air Flytop: Available at Niketown Union Square June 22, 2012