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Nike+ Basketball | Release Info

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After the dust settle and the NBA Finals select a new champion, Nike will unveil a brand new system, the Nike+ Basketball that will help to train the next generation of NBA Champions. Base on the already popular Nike+ system, which helped to bring a new sport experience to the seven million digitally connected runners around the globe, the Nike+ Basketball promises to deliver the same interactivity and more to sport of basketball. With dynamic Nike+ Pressure Sensors embedded within the new collection of Nike+ Basketball footwear, a real-time feedback on the wearer's performance is wirelessly deliver to his or her phones. The metrics, which include how high they jumped, how hard they played, to how fast they ran, all compute for a special training routine with a set target goal in mind. There will also be motivational messages from coaches and even Nike Basketball players to ensure that goal is reached. The system also gives accomplished individuals the "right to brag" as they post their "signature move" video, superimposed with data points, onto social media and share the moment with their friends. The Nike+ Basketball experience is set to debut on Friday, June 29th.

Release Date: June 29th,2012 (Friday)