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BANDAI SmartPet - iPhone Pet Dog

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For many, they can't live without their iPhone, but Bandai's Smartpet iPhone Pet Dog really turns this relationship on its head. Shown off at this year's International Tokyo Toy Show, which opened its doors yesterday, the Smartpet turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a robotic version of man's best friend. Able to walk, sit-up, and wag its tail plus give a range of cartoon faces on the touch screen and recognize voice and gesture commands, this takes the brands previous Tamagotchi pet to a whole new level. Perhaps the most impressive feature is that your own pup develops its own personality with time based on over 100 reactions to user stimuli and its reactions to "food" you give it and the games you play with it. While its no Sony Aibo, this little guy is one of the years most innovative toys.