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BKRW - BLACKRAINBOW Magazine: Soccer Issue

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The Parisian peddlers of street wear and sneakers, BlackRainbow, debuted their Issue 01 of their self-titled magazine, dedicated to the world of soccer from a new perspective. While the rest of the print world is focused on the stats, money, analysis, and predictions surrounding soccer, BKRW instead turns their focus toward how the sport links together art, street culture, and fashion in a way that has a profound effect on our culture that is often overlooked. Packed with around 200 pages of beautifully formatted pages dedicated toward soccer - mixing luxury fashion with the game's top brands amd finished with a dash of risque photography - this magazine is in a league of its own. Coinciding with the 2012 European Championship Tournament currently underway, their Soccer Issue will not be sold or distributed; instead, to get your hands on one, you will have to find a friend, colleague, relative, or friendly stranger who knows where to find it. The Soccer Issue is meant to be rare, but its perspective on the aesthetics of the world's beautiful game is meant to be boundless.