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Hayashi Paper Co. - The Drop: Horror Stories on Toilet Paper

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For those among us who enjoy a little light reading while taking care of business, an English version of a Japanese horror story written by Ring author, Koji Suzuki, has been printed entirely on toilet paper, which could be heading to a bathroom near you soon. In the face of eBooks and tablet readers, Koji's novel method is a logical way to keep traditional paper form of reading alive, even if it isn't quite what you're used to. Appropriately titled, Drop, the book is actually a reprint of an edition first released in 2009 in Japan published the same way by Hayashi Paper Co. Just in case you were worried about the logistics, each roll repeats the story every 86 centimeters so anyone can pick-up the story no matter where they leave off. Did we also mention that the story takes place in a bathroom? via: The Asahi Shimbun