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Nike Soccer - Wayne Rooney "My Time Is Now" Commercial | Video

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Two years ago, on the behalf of Nike Golf, Wieden+Kennedy created a strikingly touching yet controversial commercial in welcoming the return of Tiger Woods to The Masters after his personal life unraveled because of his extramarital affairs. The 30-second spot known as "Earl and Tiger" featured a close-up shot of a somber Woods to a haunting voice-over of the late Earl Woods questioning his son's conducts. In the same spirit of that memorable advertisement, Nike Soccer will begin to air a TV spot with England's Wayne Rooney.

During a UEFA EURO 2012 qualification game against Montenegro, Rooney intentionally kicked Miodrag Dzudovic in retaliation. The unsportsmanlike episode saw Rooney "red carded" and suspended. After much appeals and lobbying, UEFA finally agreed to Rooney's return to the pitch against Ukraine tomorrow. With so much on the line, the brief video includes several commentaries from legendary games of the past as the backdrop and Roony's stoic expression reflects that his time has come. Yes, Blue Eyes is Back...