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Etsy Handmade Portraits: Brooklyn Watches | Video

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Call it fate or call it happenstance. Whatever you want to call it, sometimes life throws us some curveballs we don't expect. The real difference, however, lies in what you do next. For David Sokosh, having to close-up his art gallery in the midst of the recession turned into an opportunity to reignite an old passion for watchmaking. Setting up shop in New York's Brooklyn Flea, Sokosh's Brooklyn Watches carved out a place where he can rebuild beautiful timepieces using antique parts, mixing the feel of a bygone era with modern style. Etsy's short documentary series, Handmade Portraits, captured a bit of what life is like for Sokosh now as he carefully breathes new life into vintage items, which is featured after the jump. His unique creations can be found in-person at the Brooklyn Flea or at his online shop