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Facebook Phone Concept | By Tolga Tuncer

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In light of the perception of a failed IPO by Facebook, media outlets are (prematurely) suggesting the beginning of the end of the gargantuan social network. If one does eventually materialize, smart analysts have correctly identified where the Facebook killer will ultimately originate: the mobile firmament. Some estimates have mobile visits currently making up 20% of all Web traffic, which is a problem for Facebook due to its woefully rated iPhone app. The growth of mobile explains why reports out of Silicon Valley have Mark Zuckerberg and company intensifying their efforts in building their own smart phone. Enter designer Tolga Tuncer, who's created a Facebook phone concept sporting an interesting wedge shape finished in an electric blue colorway. A "Like" button occupies the space where a home button would normally appear, and there are instant Instagram and Spotify buttons. An additional top-positioned button functions as message notification and provides direct access to one's messaging center. Meanwhile, speakers, microphone and handset are moved to the back so the phone has to be turned around for calls. Could you see yourself using this device as your primary phone? via: Yanko Design