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Poler Summer 2012 Bag Collection

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The Poler brand is built around the idea that every day regular people are having adventures in their own awesome way and, even though they aren't scaling the peak of Kilimanjaro, they still need some solid gear to do the job. Building on their already-solid line-up of bags, Poler now launches their Summer 2012 Bag Collection, which includes some simple, but good looking and well-designed gear made for travelers, outdoorsy-types, and well, just anyone looking for a bag that looks good. The collection includes the Camera Cooler good for carrying good around the city, their Mountain Tote Bag, and their popular Day Bag, each in a range of colors. The brand also teamed up with the folks at Mizu on a new waterbottle featuring the brand's signature design style. Every piece of the collection can be picked-up now directly from Poler's online shop.