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Recon Instruments x Mischo Erban - World's Fastest Skateboard Speed Record

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A 28-year-old British Columbia native by the name of Mischo Erban is now the world record holder for the fastest skateboard speed while in a standing position. Flying downhill on a mountain road in Mount Eboulements, Quebec, on June 18th, Erban achieved a top speed of 80.74mph (129.94 km/h), shattering the previous record of 70.21mph held by Douglas da Silva. He achieved the feat while wearing a custom made heads-up display prototype by Recon Instruments, which provided real-time readings of speed, distance, time and navigation. According to Erban, the technology enabled him to eliminate "any inaccuracies when training, racing, and now breaking records." Check out video of Erban discussing the benefits of Recon Instruments' heads-up display in the video below. via: Transworld