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Ai Weiwei - One-Year Probation Ends

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Ai Weiwei, the famed Chinese rebel artist, announced today that his one-year probation had ended, though he was informed by authorities that he was still barred from leaving China due to continuing investigations. The 54-year-old artist and dissident spoke to reporters while brandishing a government document officially releasing him from the terms of his bail conditions, imposed upon his release after 81 days of detention by the Beijing police. In an article for the Guardian, Ai wrote, "I am happy that the year is up, but also feel sorry about it. I have no sense of why I lost my freedom and if you don't know how you lost something, how can you protect it?" Growing global support for Ai's activist struggles -- helped by Alison Klayman's documentary film "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" -- can only strengthen his resolve. As Ai told reporters, "We still try to fight. Because we are fighting for dignity."

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