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LEGO - Apple Fifth Avenue Flagship Store | By Mr. Attacki

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Because both groups have a penchant for things well designed, there are almost no shortage of LEGO MOCs or replicas with Apple related theme. One of the most recent creation would be the one from Mr. Attacki, who not only replicated a Leica M8 Viewfinder Camera recently, but also tackled another challenge, the Apple Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City. Though it isn't the largest or the only Apple Store in NYC, the storied storefront is the best known one in the region because of its minimalistic glass cube appearance and its 24-hour, 7 days store hours. To full appreciate the store's size, Mr. Attacki, whose real name is H.Y. Yeung, not only recreated glass cube exterior, along with the glass spiral staircase leading down to the sub-terrain store. But, he also reconstituted the retail space below too. The best part, the diorama includes its own miniature motley crew of New Yorkers.