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Hannes Harms - Thin Boom-Box

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When you think of a "boom box," usually the massive, box-like cassette player with large speakers sitting on someone's shoulder usually comes to mind. As demand for louder music and deeper bass increased, unfortunately so did the size of the unit. But, as with the trend nowadays, thin is in and the same goes for this super slim boom-box designed by Hannes Harms. Using 0.5mm stainless steel and a precise acid-etching process, Harms' design keeps everything to a bare minimum ultimately creating what is probably the world's flattest boombox. And, not only does this design look great, but shipping of such a slim device earns bonus points with eco-conscience music-lover as only minimal shipping materials are required and Harms was able to use 100% recycled steel. No details on when this thin boom-box will enter mass production, but more looks of its refined design are after the jump. via: DesignBoom