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PARABELLUM - Footwear Collection | Preview

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Designers George Esquivel and Mike Feldman remember when goods grew richer with time. When hand made products, crafted with talent passed down from each generation, were more sought-after than mass-produced lines that cannot stand the test of time. Inspired by their father's antique shop on Western Avenue in Hollywood, CA, PARABELLUM was born to make old world new again. Using the richest, softest, and most complicated and most beautiful leather in the world, Reservation Bison, PARABELLUM creates leather footwear and accessories that are internally lined with Kevlar for the same strength and durability expected of military-grade goods. Equally-tough hardware is selected to contrast with the leather and withstand the elements for generations to come. This proud American brand is built with an eye toward longevity and the idea that quality is truly defined in decades, not months. Learn more about PARABELLUM on their online site and keep an eye out for their footwear at select partner stores worldwide.