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oki-ni - Thom Browne Trunk Show

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Known for putting on a good show and designing a clean line of apparel for every season, Thom Brown does his best to continue the Trunk Show tradition next week with his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Beginning on July 2 at 6pm, UK-based retailer oki-ni will be offering exclusive access to looks seen at his show held just the day before across the pond in Paris, including both the designer's sporty basics, the striped seesucker suits that were center-stage in London, and other accessories for both the ladies and gentlemen. Everyone is invited to attend the show to get a unique opportunity to select their purchases live before they release at oki-ni's online shop the day after. For more information on the show, visit the online invitation and sign-up to receive more details.

Event Date: July 2th, 2012 (Monday) | 6 pm