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Google Project Glass | Detailed Look

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Following our high-flying look at Google's Project Glass, we present a more in-depth examination of the highly anticipated and very high-tech Google product, thanks to the company's presentation today at the Google I/O developers conference. First, some basics: the glasses have the kind of components you'd find on a typical smartphone, with a CPU and plenty of RAM, as well as a speaker, camera and mic. There's a touchpad off to the side, situated on a right-hand sidebar, though Glass will also respond to voice commands. The wearer will see a small transparent display located just above his or her sight line.

Additional details: engineers are said to be experimenting with connectivity options, with the likely scenario involving a wireless tether to one's smartphone to retrieve data from the Web. A built-in accelerometer and gyroscope will allow the device to respond to motions like head shaking or nodding. And while recording locally is an option, Glass will be used mostly to stream live video. Finally, power comes via an internal battery that sits behind the ear on the wearer's right side.

Ultimately, Glass is a major step forward in Google's attempt to make the distributing and receiving of information both quickly and universally accessible. During his presentation today at IO, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced that Glass would make users "less a slave to your device." And since it's meant to be worn in public, the glasses will likely come in multiple colorways. (Sergey wore pairs that came in light blue, white and black while on stage.)

Continue reading to check out the blue pair as modeled by Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice-President of Social Business for Google. via: Engadget