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Parrot Zik Bluetooth Wireless Headphones | Designed by Philippe Starck

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For audiophiles, Bluetooth headphones have always been suspect, but the Parrot Zik headphones address the issues that typically plague wireless headsets. There's the design pedigree, with Philippe Starck creating an elegant and sleek aesthetic with comfortable earcups that completely enclose the ear. Instead of using buttons, a simple finger swipe up the back of the right earcup turns up the volume, while a swipe forward advances the track list. Taking off the headset pauses the music. In terms of connectivity, just tapping your NFC-equipped phone to one of the earcups completes the pairing. Active noise cancellation contributes to superior sound, while bone-conduction technology cancels noise when you have to take a call. Check out  a pair of introductory videos below. Images via: hayabusa