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HALO - Illumination LED Belt | Video

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Usually cycling safety gadgets are designed with one thing in mind: to keep you safe. A team from San Francisco, however, believes that there's no reason why we can't take the whole night-time safety angle and blend it in with something you can wear on a daily basis and still look good. Unlike bike lights or those tiny reflectors that usually get stolen, damaged, removed, or just are facing somewhere crazy, the HALO emits continuous LED light through fiber optic filaments constructed within the belt creating a bright red, blue, pink, or green light that moves with you as you ride. And, when not in use, the HALO looks like a regular, ordinary thin belt, meaning you can always have it with you. The HALO can also be a good buy for people other than cyclists making moves at night, including runners, dog walkers, those having to do emergency car repair, and even those looking to make a fashion statement at parties. The HALO is powered by a tiny nickel lithium battery that can last up to 300 hours and can illuminate in strobe, flash, or solid mode. Learn more or back the project yourself on their KICKSTARTER page.