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The Man With The Iron Fists - Directed by RZA | Video

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We haven't heard much from RZA in a while, but that doesn't mean the Wu-Tang Clan rapper hasn't been busy. Making his directorial and leading-man debut in a martial arts epic set in 19th century China, RZA tells the the story of warriors, assassins, and clans struggling to seize power through "sex and violence" in the upcoming The Man With The Iron Fists. Co-starring Russel Crowe, Lucy Liu, and RZA as the town's weapons-making village blacksmith, the trailer is heavy on the blood and gore, but the plot line isn't as clear. But, then again, if you're looking for martial arts mayhem, an ornamental fan packed with knives, and plenty of Kill Bill-style aerials and moves, the plot isn't necessarily as important as the action. The Man With The Iron Firsts, which RZA wrote with the help of director Eli Roth and is presented by Quentin Tarantino, will be out this fall. Check out the preview after the jump.