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HUMAN MADE x Fire-King - HM Mug

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In a familiar tale of heritage American brands resurrected by Japanese companies, a team of Fire-King fans in Japan established Fire-King Japan. The highly durable glassware came to popularity around the late 40s, surviving through the World War II, and then ceased production in the late 70s. In recent times, Fire-King Japan sought the expertise of glass artisans in Japan to recreate the legendary Jade-ite glassware. NIGO, a known vintage collector, no doubt resonates with the vintage aesthetics of these glassware, and produced his own line of mugs under his label, HUMAN MADE. Simple graphics are printed on the exterior of the milky glass mug to retain its nostalgic feel. This item is available at HUMAN MADE stockists and at Intention.

778 Nishiboridori 2 Bancho | Map
Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi Japan