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Indianen - Evil Eye Screenprinted Music Record | Video

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Belgian art and design collective, Indianen, have created something truly unlike any other project: a screen-printed paper record that can be played using either a turntable or a handheld light sensor. In what looks like something that could easily put you in a trance, the record - called the Evil Eye - is made of rotating soundwave patterns that are screen printed onto a record-size disc. In order to create the Evil Eye, Indianen had to first capture the shapes of the waves of the audio files to printed, which they then superimposed on top of each other to create different tones and pitch before finally being printed. An "eye" is then held over the record bouncing LED light from the surface back into an optical sensor, which then sends electrical signals to an amplifier that plays the track. It's crazy to look at and even more cool to hear. You can listen to the record in the video after the jump. via: PSFK