Looper - Official Trailer 1 | Video


Most famous for his role of Tommy Solomon on the 1990s' TV sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, but it was his portrayal as high school student Brendan Fryeith in the 2005 film noir Brick that won actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt critical acclaims. This fall, Gordon-Levitt will reunite with Brick's director Rian Johnson in the sci-fi thriller Looper. With all the elements of a film noir, the setting is in the near future of 2042, where Gordon-Levitt's character, Joseph Simmons, works as a "Looper", or a professional killer. Curiously, Simmons' targets are quite particular since they are people from the future, sent back in time by his employer to be dispose of and thus leaving no traces. Then, his routine took an odd twist when a 55-year-old Joseph Simmons appears to be his next target and the plot thickens. Part Philip K. Dick, part Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson's time traveling mystery features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the younger Joseph Simmons, Bruce Willis as the older Joseph Simmons, actress Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels, and Piper Perabo, Looper will be in theater on September 28th.